Elcom System S.p.A. is producing panels fit for the 21st Century. By constantly evaluating and incorporating current technological progress, the company anticipates and responds to the changing needs and requirements of society with a strong sense of tradition.


The concept of the "ARCHITECTURAL FACADES" has been developed to offer to the designers the possibility to create tailor-made projects, having not to refer to rigid standards or defined geometric rules. It's also an innovative response to current needs of aesthetic appearance and of thermal insulation both for new buildings and for energy upgrading of renovations. Thus improving the high architectural facade of the building.


This particular system works with different types of structures such as concrete, traditional masonry, steel and wood. The installation, supported by our technical assistance during the planning phase, is easy and doesn't require the use of special site vehicles/equipment. The particularly rich range of components, adaptable to tailor-made projects, includes our TERMOPARETI ® with stabilized flatness and a wide choice of finishing elements with thermic cut such as: rounded and right corners, edges, thresholds, windowposts, and also connections with special development. All these elements refine and exalt the original and unusual architectural standard of the facade.

Multicolor Designs
Special Components
The colour and glass level shown in the colour chart should be used only as a guide. Production methods and pigments used may result in minor colour differences to those shown on the colour chart and RAL card.
Colour and painting chart